(A)   Any subdivision or replat thereof which may be determined to fall within the following criteria may be termed a short form subdivision and may be approved following the abbreviated procedures set forth herein.
      (1)   The land in question shall be bounded by legally dedicated streets, railroads and alleys or by legally subdivided land and shall not exceed five acres.
      (2)   The subdivision or use of the land subdivided shall not necessitate any appreciable alteration of utility installations, streets, alleys or building setback lines.
      (3)   The tracts so subdivided shall conform in size and shape to the lots in the vicinity.
   (B)   All design, engineering, improvements and drawing information standards provided in these regulations applicable to all subdivisions shall be applicable to the short form subdivisions.
   (C)   The short form subdivision shall be submitted for approval in accordance with the procedure established for a final plat approval.
(2005 Code, § 13-1-8)  (Ord. passed 4-21-2005)