(A)   General requirements; non-residentially zoned property.
      (1)   On non-residentially zoned property, in instances where land is required for trail construction in accordance with the Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan in the city's Comprehensive Plan, the city shall have the right to require the land dedication for approval on the final plat or refuse the same.
      (2)   Land dedicated for trails shall be developed in accordance with the provisions herein.
   (B)   Land dedication for trail development.
      (1)   In instances where land dedication for trail development is required, the Council shall have the right to require construction of a trail in accordance with the city's engineering and design guidelines.
      (2)   Construction of a trail must be completed in conjunction with all other public improvements/infrastructure and approved by the city prior to release of a building permit, or as a part of the building improvement as approved by the Council. All improvements or construction on or within the dedicated area to be installed by the applicant/developer shall be completed in accordance with the approved construction plans. Finished projects shall be maintainable and acceptable as determined by the City Engineer.
      (3)   In instances where a sidewalk and trail are in the same location, the trail will replace the sidewalk. Park development fees will only be credited for the difference of the required width between a sidewalk and the trail. The applicant/developer may receive a credit of park development fees equal to the cost of construction up to the amount of the fees required. Reimbursement will not be made to the applicant/developer for any amount of construction costs in excess of the required fees credited.
(Ord. 180327B, passed 3-27-2018)