§ 158.05  CONCEPT PLAN.
   (A)   It may be determined at the pre-application conference that an area development concept plan will be required prior to consideration of a preliminary plat. An area development concept plan may be required if the development of the subject area will affect the development pattern of adjacent land or if the subject area will be platted in stages. The approved area development concept plan shall be used as a guide in approving future subdivisions in the defined area.
   (B)   The area development concept plan, when required, shall be submitted along with a completed application/check list form. Eight copies of the plan drawn at scale of not less than 400 feet to the inch will be required. If more detailed contour information is not available, the USGS map contours may be used for concept planning purposes in most cases. The area development concept plan shall include all land determined to be affected by the development pattern of the subject area. The area development concept plan shall contain or have attached thereto:
      (1)   Names and addresses of the subdividers, record owner, land planer, engineer and/or surveyor;
      (2)   Proposed name of the subdivision;
      (3)   Location in relation to rest of the city and boundaries of proposed subdivision;
      (4)   A schematic layout of the entire tract and its relationship to adjacent property and existing adjoining development;
      (5)   Proposed major categories of land use showing existing and proposed zoning;
      (6)   Proposed number of dwelling units and population densities;
      (7)   Proposed and existing arterials and collector streets to serve general area;
      (8)   Location of sites for parks, schools and other public uses as shown in the comprehensive plan; and
      (9)   Significant natural drainage features including drainage courses and wooded areas, as delineated on USGS topographic maps or any other topographic maps showing equivalent information.
(2005 Code, § 13-1-5)  (Ord. passed 4-21-2005)