(A)   Water and sewer and other utilities.
      (1)   The owner and/or developer of the subdivision or addition shall complete a written agreement with the city, covering the installation of necessary water and sewer facilities to properly serve the immediate development proposed in accordance with the existing water and sewer extension ordinance.
      (2)   No water and/or sewer connection shall be made by the city or other entity until the requirements as to the installation of water and sewer mains have been complied with in the block facing the street on which the property is situated and accepted by the city.
      (3)   As built plans will be required at the end of the job showing the actual location of all improvements. All power and telephone service shall be underground. No overhead service will be allowed without special permission being given by the City Council.
   (B)   Approach water main.
      (1)   In a proposed subdivision where city water is not available but is accessible, the subdivider shall provide at his or her expense an approach water main of size sufficient to serve his or her subdivision or of a size shown in the water distribution plan, whichever is larger.
      (2)   The plans, specifications and all constructions shall be subject to the approval of the city’s engineer, and the entire distribution system shall be adequate for service when the city water supply is available.
   (C)   Approach sewer line.
      (1)   In a proposed subdivision where public sanitary sewers are not available but are accessible, the subdivider shall provide at his or her expense an approach sewer line of sufficient size to serve his or her subdivision including any necessary lift stations, or of the size shown in the sewer collection plan or required by the city engineer for future expansion, whichever is larger.
      (2)   If public sanitary sewers are not accessible, the subdivider may be required to install the complete sanitary sewer system to conform with future plans for connection with the public sanitary sewer in which case he or she shall install the necessary sewage treatment facilities for use until such time when the connection is made in the city sanitary sewer system.
      (3)   Where the installation of sanitary sewers is not required the size of the subdivided lots shall be a minimum of one acre in size for individual disposal facilities, including the necessary lateral lines and builder shall install individual disposal devices for each lot at the same time improvements are erected thereon.
      (4)   Any such individual sewage disposal system shall be constructed in accordance with the state health department specifications and subject to the approval of the City Engineer and the City Council.
   (D)   Guarantee for construction or maintenance of streets. Approval of the plat shall not impose any duty upon the city concerning the maintenance of improvements of any such dedicated parts until the proper authorities of the city shall have made acceptance by letter and maintenance bond provided to the city for one year with an option of two years if the city feels the need to protect the city from undue hardship.
   (E)   Replatting. Any replatting of any existing subdivision or any part thereof shall meet the requirements provided for herein for a new subdivision.
   (F)   Reserve strips controlling access to public ways or adjoining properties not permitted. No subdivision or addition showing reserve strips of land controlling the access to public ways or adjoining properties will be approved.
   (G)   Owner’s duty to provide pro rata portion of boundary streets. Where plats are presented for approval which adjoin unplatted property, the owner or developer of the proposed subdivision shall provide his or her pro rata part of the boundary streets.
   (H)   Recording required. The final approval of a final plat of a subdivision shall be invalid unless the approved plat of the subdivision is recorded in the office of the County Clerk within 120 days after the date of its final approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
   (I)   Building permits; utility connections. No building permit nor any water, sewer, plumbing or electrical connections shall be issued by the city to the owner or any other person with respect to any property in any subdivision covered by this chapter until:
      (1)   Such time as the developer and/or owner has complied with the requirements of this chapter and the final plat regarding improvements with respect to the block facing the street and/or streets on which the property abuts, including the installation of streets with proper base and paving, curb and gutter, alleys, water and sewer services and drain facilities where necessary, all according to the specifications of the city; or
      (2)   Until the developer and/or owner files a corporate surety bond with the city in a sum equal to the cost of the improvements for the designated area guaranteeing the installation thereof within the time stated in the bond, which time shall be fixed by the city.
   (J)   Lot markers. Lot markers shall be one-half-inch reinforcing bar, 18 inches long, or approved equal, and shall be placed at all corners flush with the ground, or countersunk if necessary to avoid being disturbed.
(2005 Code, § 13-1-9)  (Ord. passed 4-21-2005)