(A)    As a condition of approval by the City Council of a treescape plan, the property owner will be required to replace the protected trees being removed from the property with approved replacement trees. Said replacement trees shall be planted on the same property on which the protected trees were removed at the property owner's sole cost. The property owner is not authorized to plant the replacement trees at any offsite location unless pre-approved by the City Council at the applicant's request, of which shall be decided at the sole discretion of the City Council.
   (B)   Replacement trees shall be equal in diameter to the diameter of the former protected tree. For example, if a nine-inch diameter protected tree is removed, it may be replaced by either: (1) three replacement trees of three inches in diameter each; (2) two replacement trees, one of four-inch diameter and one of five-inch diameter; or (3) a single replacement tree of nine-inch diameter.
   (C)   Replacement trees shall be a minimum of three-inch diameter, measured at four and one-half feet above the ground, and measure seven feet in height when planted. Replacement trees shall be selected from the qualified tree list.
   (D)   The qualified tree list detailed in § 158.45 shall be approved by the City Council, as amended from time to time.
   (E)   Property owners shall maintain replacement trees in healthy, growing conditions after planting.
   (F)   Replacement trees shall not be planted within an area where:
      (1)   The mature root system may interfere with underground public utility lines;
      (2)   The mature canopy of the tree may interfere with overhead utility lines; or
      (3)   Within five feet of a fire hydrant, water or sewer line.
(2005 Code, § 13-2-7)  (Ord. 200825A, passed 8-25-2020)