§ 158.48  STOP-WORK ORDER.
   (A)   Whenever the Building Official, the City Manager or his or her designee determines that any permit, or variance or any action being taken thereunder, or any action under it without a permit, is in conflict with this subchapter or with the standards established by the city or any department thereof, or ordinance, regulation, or policy, the Building Official shall issue a stop-work order which shall prohibit any action thereunder.
   (B)   Such stop-work order shall set forth the alleged violations and may list remedies to be taken to correct the violations. The person receiving such a stop-work order shall report in writing to the officer, person or body issuing the order within 48 hours regarding the next steps to be taken to correct the violations.
   (C)   Such stop-work order may be extended to provide an opportunity for a hearing being extended to the affected party. During the period of such extension, the City Manager shall review the matter.
   (D)   A stop-work order issued pursuant to this section may be withdrawn by the Building Official upon a finding that the circumstances giving rise to the order no longer exist. Should the stop-work order remain in effect, the person receiving the order may petition for a hearing with the City Manager, and if the order is not lifted thereafter, the person may appeal to the City Council after receiving a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission.
(Ord. 200825A, passed 8-25-2020)