(A)    No person shall remove or cause to be removed any protected tree without a tree removal permit.
   (B)   The Building Official or his or her designee may issue a tree removal permit, without the submittal of a treescape plan, for the removal of no more than two protected trees on any given tract of land, parcel of land, or lot only when the protected trees are dead, diseased, damaged, in danger of falling, pose an imminent or immediate threat to person or property, interfere with utility service, or obstruct intersection visibility, or a showing of good cause for the removal or the protected tree(s) as determined by the Building Official and/or his or her designee, which determination may be appealed to the City Council.
   (C)   The permit fee shall be determined and set by the City Council. However, no permit fee shall be required if removal of the protected tree is based on the tree being diseased, dead, or posing an imminent or immediate threat.
   (D)   Protected tree removal permits eligible for issuance without submittal of a treescape plan will be processed administratively by the Building Official or his or her designee. No more than two such permits will be issued for the same property within a 12-month time period. The 12-month time period shall begin on the date of issuance for the initial tree removal permit.
   (E)   Any protected tree approved for removal shall be replaced at the sole cost of the applicant with a replacement tree within one year of removal of the protected tree.
(2005 Code, § 13-2-6)  (Ord. 200825A, passed 8-25-2020)   Penalty, see § 10.99