General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Purpose
   51.003   Scope
   51.004   Inspections
   51.005   Vandalism; interference
   51.006   Rules to govern electric power users
   51.007   Security light service
   51.008   Fuel cost adjustment and MISO adjustment
   51.009   Power cost adjustment tracking factor
   51.010   Future changes
   51.011   Purchased power cost adjustment
Disposition of Certain Funds
   51.020   Cash reserve fund
   51.021   Transfer of cash reserve fund balance to general fund
Deposits and Permits
   51.030   Deposits and permits
   51.031   Other charges and fees; reconnections
Applications and Requests for Service
   51.040   Applications and request for service
   51.041   Landlord Transfer Agreement
Standard of Service
   51.050   Intent of the Electric Utility
Requirements and Prohibitions
   51.060   Description of electric current to be furnished
   51.061   Service connections
   51.062   Meters
Schedule of Services
   51.075   Adoption of schedules
   51.076   Outdoor lighting
   51.077   Municipal street lighting
   51.078   Schedule R
   51.079   Schedule R terms and conditions
   51.080   Schedule C and Schedule CI terms and conditions
   51.081   Schedule S terms and conditions
Extension of Distribution and Service Lines
   51.090   Authorization
   51.091   Extension of service
   51.092   Standard equipment
Disconnection of Electrical Service
   51.100   Customer consent not required
Residential Wiring Code
   51.110   Conformance
   51.111   Required clearance
   51.112   Meter and meter socket
   51.113   Grounding requirements
   51.114   Installation of service equipment
   51.115   Breaker or fuse service panels; service entrance conductors
   51.116   Inspection of wiring
   51.117   Free conductors; junction boxes
   51.118   Receptacles and outlets
   51.119   Wire sizes
   51.120   Underground service
   51.121   Farm load centers
   51.122   Trailers; mobile homes
   51.123   Authority
Rates and Charges
   51.135   Rates and charges
   51.136   Rate schedule for residential electric service - Rate R
   51.137   Rate schedule for commercial electric service - Rate C; and commercial/industrial service - Rate CI
   51.138   Rate schedule for electric primary power and light service - Rate S
   51.139   Collection of fees and charges
   51.140   Additional charges
Administration and Enforcement
   51.145   Complaint procedure
   51.146   Administration
   51.147   Notice of violation
   51.999   Penalty