All work shall be performed in accordance with the standards for materials, workmanship and procedures established in the latest edition of the specifications and standard drawings in Table A hereof except as such standards are added to or modified herein, or in the approved Construction Plans and Contract Documents. The reference to sections or items of the specifications in Table A shall include all work covered by that section or item. Therefore, the reference to Section 200, EARTHWORK of the ODTS also refers to ITEM 201, Clearing and Grubbing or ITEM 203, Roadway Excavation and Embankment as well as 203.13, Subgrade.
   (a)   Where used in this chapter, the abbreviations set forth in the left hand column immediately below stand for the published standards or governmental units described immediately to the right of the abbreviation.
      (1)   CCS = City of Columbus Construction and Material Specifications.
      (2)   CC = City of Columbus.
      (3)   CGC = City of Grove City.
      (4)   ODT = State of Ohio, Department of Transportation.
      (5)   ODTS = State of Ohio, Department of Transportation, Construction and Material Specifications.
(Ord. C61-73. Passed 8-6-73.)
   (b)   Table A
Type of Work
Reference Specifications
Standard Construction Drawing
Section “200 EARTHWORK”, ODTS
Roadway bases
Section “300 BASES”, ODTS
Roadway pavement
Section “400 FLEXIBLE PAVEMENT” and Section “450 RIGID PAVEMENT”, ODTS
Section “500 STRUCTURES”, ODTS
(See Note #1)
Roadside and unpaved areas
Section “650 ROADSIDE”, ODTS
Waterline system
CC and CGC
(see Note #2)
Sanitary sewer system
Section “900 SEWERAGE WORK”, CCS
CC and CGC
(see Note #2)
      Note 1.      All work and material pertaining to sanitary sewer construction shall be governed by Section “900 SEWERAGE WORK” of the City of Columbus “Construction and Material Specifications” unless modified, herein, by the Grove City Standard Drawings or the approved construction plans and documents.
      Note 2.      The Grove City Standard Drawings will govern all work unless some other standard drawing or detail on the plans is specified. In the absence of any Grove City drawings or detail, the appropriate City of Columbus Standard Drawing will govern.
   (c)   The following are modifications to the reference specifications of Table A:
      (1)   Sidewalk: 608.03(c) is changed by deleting the next to last sentence that pertains to construction joints around manholes etc., and the last sentence is changed to read: “Premolded expansion joint material 1/2-inch thick shall be installed to the depth and across the width of the walk or abutting surface at intervals of thirty feet (30') minimum and between the walk and any fixed structure or object such as manholes, sign posts or utility poles.” 608.03(d) is changed to read “transverse slope of 3/8-inch per foot.
(Ord. C83-77. Passed 11-21-77.)
      (2)   Curbing: The requirements for joint sealer in 609.04(a) is deleted. 609.04(f) is added as follows: “Curb drops for driveways shall be constructed at the same time curbing or curb and gutter is constructed. When the curbing is in place at the time driveway drops are required, such curb or curb and gutter shall be removed and replace in five-foot increments as required to install the driveways.”
(Ord. C 61-73. Passed 8-6-73.)
      (3)   Sanitary sewer system: The materials permitted shall be governed by those identified in the general notes or detail sheets of the approved construction plans and/or the contract documents. CCS Section 901.10 is deleted. See Section 1103.03(d) of the Codified Ordinances for test requirements.
      (4)   Storm sewer system: The materials permitted shall be governed by those identified in the general notes or detail sheets of the approved construction plans and/or contract documents.
(Ord. C83-77. Passed 11-21-77.)