All site improvements, including streets, sidewalks, sewers and water mains, will be inspected and entered into the City records by the City. All erosion and sedimentation controls will be inspected by the City. The cost of such inspection and recording shall be paid by the developer. The developer shall deposit sufficient funds to cover the cost of inspections as outlined in the Fee Recovery Policy for Use of Consulting Architects and Engineers with the City prior to starting construction work. If, during the construction, the City determines that the deposit is insufficient, additional funds in an amount specified by the City shall be deposited within three days of receipt of notice to do so. All unused moneys so deposited shall be refunded to the depositer, within six months from the date of acceptance of all site improvements by the City upon application by the depositer. If the depositer fails to make application for refund, deposit in excess of the fee due shall be forfeited to the City and credited to the General Fund.
(Ord. C61-73. Passed 8-6-73; Ord. C20-03.  Passed 4-7-03; Ord. C24-10.  Passed 6-7-10.)