(a)   Taps may be made, by the developer, into the water mains he has constructed or is in the process of constructing. If the developer does not elect to make his own taps, then he must arrange with the City of Columbus to do the work.
   (b)   Curb boxes shall be located between the sidewalk and the curb or as near thereto as practicable. All curb boxes shall be adjusted to the finished ground surface. They shall be of the Buffalo type. When the street is to be curbed, a “W” shall be stamped into the face of the curb opposite each curb box before the concrete has set.
   (c)   All water services shall be constructed of materials required by the City of Columbus. No service line shall be less than three-fourth inch internal diameter. If necessary to provide adequate supply and pressures, larger size lines may be required by the Building Inspector.
(Ord. C61-73. Passed 8-6-73.)
   (d)   All water service lines shall be laid at least forty-two inches below ground or pavement surface. No water service line shall be laid in the same trench with electrical, sewer or sewer service line. All water services to be constructed in or across paved streets shall be done by boring or jacking the line under the surface. The cutting of existing paved surfaces for this purpose will not be permitted except by special permission of the Director of Public Service in each case.
(Ord. C50-89. Passed 7-17-89.)
   (e)   Services shall be constructed after the street is rough graded and prior to installation of proposed paved surfaces and curbs. They may be laid in open cut provided the trench is backfilled with granular material in the proposed paved areas or they may be jacked under the ground surface from openings back of the curb location.
(Ord. C61-73. Passed 8-6-73.)