(a)   All personal property of the City not needed for public use, or that may have become unsuitable for use, or that may have been condemned as useless by the superintendent of a department or division, or unclaimed for 90 days or more, may be declared surplus and disposed of by the Administrative Assistant utilizing any of the following methods:
      (1)   By sale by sealed bid to the highest and best bidder, following notice at least one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the City.
      (2)   By sale by live public auction.
      (3)   By sale by internet auction.
      (4)   By sale to another government jurisdiction without the requirement of competitive bidding.
      (5)   By trade-in for credit at the time of the purchase of replacement property, provided that trade-in value is established separately from the purchase price of the replacement property, and can be verified to represent fair market value for the traded property.
      (6)   By sale for scrap value, or discarding, if the property can be shown to have minimal or no residual market value in its current form.
      (7)   By destruction upon the determination by the City Administrator that the surplus property must be destroyed for public safety reasons.
      (8)   By donation to an appropriate charitable organization that has a valid ruling or determination letter recognizing the tax-exempt status of the organizations pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) or (c)(19) or political subdivision under Ohio law.
   (b)   Disposal of all municipally-owned property that has been declared surplus and to no longer be needed for municipal purposes that has an estimated value of greater than five thousand dollars ($5,000), or is a motor vehicle, may be disposed of by any of the above methods with the prior approval of City Council.
   (c)   The Finance Director shall estimate the value of the property deemed to be surplus for purposes of determining the method to he used for the disposal of property. All property determined to be surplus and disposed of shall be fully documented and recorded for purposes of maintaining an accurate inventory of City-owned property.
(Ord. C47-60; Ord. C67-11. Passed 12-19-11; Ord. C31-14. Passed 7-7-14.)