(a)   The Deputy City Administrator shall be appointed by the City Administrator.  He or she shall have no fixed term of office, but shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.  This position may be a full-time or part-time position, as designated by the City Administrator.
   (b)   During the absence of the City Administrator, the Deputy City Administrator shall assume all of the powers of the City Administrator.  This position shall be under the immediate supervision of the City Administrator.
   (c)   The duties of the Deputy City Administrator shall be, but are not necessarily limited to, assisting the City Administrator in all his or her duties.  The Deputy City Administrator shall also assist other administrative department heads when so requested.
   (d)   Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted or construed to preclude the designation of the Deputy City Administrator to additional positions or offices, including the right to serve as the head of a department, without compensation, within the framework of the Charter.
(Ord. C99-07. Passed 12-3-07.)