(a)   The Administrative Assistant shall have full authority to prescribe the use of various forms and procedures as he shall approve for the conduct of the City's affairs. He shall prescribe and/or approve the use of various reports and forms for the various departments, division officers, boards and commissions, either regularly or from time to time, for his, the Mayor's or Council's information and use.
   (b)   He may require regular or special reports from any department, division, office, board or commission or employee to be used in the administrative direction and control of the City.
(Ord. C30-60.)
   (c)   EDITOR'S NOTE: This subsection was repealed by Ordinance C42-76, passed May 3, 1976.
   (d)   All officials, boards, commissions and other agencies of City government are required, authorized and directed to file with Council a report of all bids submitted on a purchase or sale by the City, whether or not formally advertised, when a purchase or sale contract is awarded to one other than the lowest bidder on purchases and the highest bidder on sales. This report shall be in writing and filed with Council within two weeks after the award of the purchase or sale contract, and shall contain the name and address of all bidders, the date that each was submitted, the date that each bid was opened, the date of the award and the amount of each bid.
(Ord. C47-60.)