51.01   Excavations
   51.02   Business, commercial and industrial water meters that are damaged or function improperly
   51.10   Rates for service rendered
   51.11   Water tap fee
   51.12   Metered rates
   51.13   Minimum monthly charges
   51.14   Temporary users
   51.15   Public fire protection surcharge
   51.16   Private fire protection and water service hose and sprinkler connections
   51.17   Collection or deferred payment charge
   51.18   Reconnection charge
   51.19   Customer application and deposit policy
   51.20   Miscellaneous charges
   51.21   Water availability fee
   51.22   Review of financial conditions of utilities
   51.23   Wholesale users (Decatur County rural water)
   51.24   TIF credit
   51.241   Special rate contracts
Cross Connections
   51.25   Definition
   51.26   Cross connection prohibited; approval required for interconnection
   51.27   Inspections; right to information
   51.28   Discontinuance of water service
   51.29   Backflow preventer required for certain consumers
   51.30   Regulations supplemental to State Uniform Plumbing Code
Water Utility Rules and Regulations
   51.40   Rules a part of contract
   51.41   Definitions
   51.42   Application and contract
   51.43   Payment of rates
   51.44   Service connections
   51.45   Cross connections
   51.46   Turn on and shut off
   51.47   Sprinkling meters service
   51.48   Swimming pools
   51.49   Fire hydrants
   51.50   Private fire protection
   51.51   Disinfection
   51.52   Amendments to rates and rules
   51.53   Water works does not guarantee service
   51.99   Penalty
   Department of Water Works, see §§ 33.60 et seq.
Statutory reference:
   Water districts, territory covered, see IC 8-1.5-4-1 through 8-1.5-4-19
   Waterworks, see IC 36-9-2-14