(A)   The stop valve on any and all connections shall not in any way be used by the consumer for turning on and shutting off the water supply. All such turning on and shutting off of the water supply by the consumer shall be with a separate stopcock located on or in the house to be serviced. All turning on and shutting off of the water supply at the meter and with the meter wrench shall be done exclusively by the Utility.
   (B)   There shall be no separate charge made for shutting off the water supply to any premises unless it is after regular business hours. But in every instance, whether such shut off was originally made for non-payment of bills or other violations of the rules of the Utility, the charge for turning on the water supply is listed in the current rates and charges ordinance, payable in advance. No turn on shall be made after business hours without permission from proper authority of the Utility.
   (C)   In case of accidents, break-downs, shortage of water supply or any causes beyond the Utility's control, or because of any act or omission on the part of public authorities, or their agents, or in case of the making of repairs, renewals or replacements, the Utility reserves the right to shut off the water supply from anyone or any number of premises, without notice and shall in no manner be held responsible for any consequences of such shut off. When shut off of the water supply is made in accordance with this division, such shutting off of the water shall not entitle the consumer to any abatement or deduction in or from the water service charges, nor to any refund on any such charges paid in advance during or for the time of such shut off. The Utility will give notice, in the manner deemed in its discretion to be most effective of any shut off of the water supply whenever and wherever the giving of such notice is practicable, but nothing in these rules shall be construed to require the giving of such notice under any circumstances. Every effort to give continuous and uninterrupted service is made by the Utility, but nothing in these rules contained shall be construed as a guarantee or covenant or agreement of the Utility to give such continuous and uninterrupted service.
(Ord. 2007-07-23, passed 11-15-07) Penalty, see § 51.99