(A)   Repair and/or replacement.
      (1)   All damaged or improperly functioning meters, which are not the property of the Municipal Water Department (1-inch and larger meters), will be repaired or replaced at the expense of the property owner.
         (a)   The property owner must receive permission and approval from the Water Department of the repair and/or replacement of any water meter.
         (b)   The Water Department must also be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the repair or replacement so the Water Superintendent or designated representative may inspect the job.
      (2)   If a water meter needs to be replaced or repaired, the Water Office will notify the owner in writing, and the owner will have 30 days from the date of the notice to have such replacement or repair made.
      (3)   When a water meter malfunctions, the Utility Office will charge a flat-rate fee.
         (a)   This fee will be calculated by multiplying the average monthly bill by two.
         (b)   Thereafter, an additional 10% will be added for each additional month the meter remains inoperable or in disrepair.
      (4)   The average monthly bill will be calculated by adding the 12 consecutive months the meter was reading correctly, and dividing that figure by 12.
      (5)   If the property owner is notified by the Water Department that repair or replacement of a water meter is needed, they will be given a notice of 30 days to have such repair or replacement made.
      (6)   Example: If the meter malfunctions you will be notified the meter is not registering properly. The property owner will then have 30 days to replace or repair such meter. The first bill you receive will be nothing more that the average bill of the previous 12 months. If the meter is still inoperable during the next billing cycle, you will then be billed the average monthly bill by two. Ten percent will be added to that bill every 30 days thereafter.
   (B)   Right to inspect commercial/industrial water meters and internal water systems.
      (1)   All commercial/industrial water meters (1 inch and larger) are the responsibility of the property owner.
      (2)   In order to protect the public health, and to comply with American Water Works Association (AWWA) and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) standards, the City Water Utility has the right to inspect the customer’s water meter and internal water system.
   (C)   Meter testing and calibration.
      (1)   All 1-inch and larger meters are covered by this section.
      (2)   All 1-inch meters will be tested every six years or 300,000 cubic foot, whichever comes first.
         (a)   Results of such tests will be forwarded to the Municipal Water Plant.
         (b)   The Municipal Water Department has the facility to test 1-inch meters (no meters larger than 1 inch), and may do so after an owner makes such request and signs a liability waiver not holding the Municipal Water Department responsible for any damage done to such meter.
      (3)   All 1-1/2-inch and larger meters will be tested every four years, regardless of measured cubic feet on such meter. Results of such tests will then be forwarded to the Municipal Water Plant.
      (4)   All compound meters may not register more than 2% (high or low) during high, medium or low flow.
      (5)   All turbine meters may not register more than 3% (high or low) during high, medium or low flow.
      (6)   All 1-inch and larger meters, which are 30 years old or were installed prior to 1975, will be replaced regardless of cu/ft on the meter.
      (7)   The Municipal Water Plant will notify (by certified mail) all 1-inch and larger meter users when the required tests are to be done.
(Ord. 2005-18, passed 11-7-05)