(A)   Standard "Mueller" 5-1/4-inch three-way hydrants are to have a 6-inch or larger connection to mains with a minimum of 6-inch valve openings. Fire hydrants shall be provided at each street intersection and at intermediate points between intersections and at the ends of cul-de-sacs. Generally, hydrants shall be placed at least every 400 feet. Hydrant placement must be approved by the Water Utility and the Fire Department.
   (B)   All public fire hydrants are to be used for fire protection or proper operation of the distribution system exclusively. Permits for use of water from hydrants for any purpose other than for fire protection will not be granted by the Utility except in cases where such use is deemed by the Utility to be urgent and other means of obtaining water are not available. However, these permits can be revoked at the pleasure of the Utility in every instance and at any time.
   (C)   No person or persons other than members of the Fire Department, or authorized employees of the city for the uses and purposes of the city departments, and those authorized by the Utility shall open any hydrant to draw water from the same, or in any manner interface with any such hydrants. The penalty for noncompliance of this section is listed in § 51.99.
(Ord. 2007-07-23, passed 11-15-07) Penalty, see § 51.99