(A)   Consumers requesting an adjustment on the sewer portion of their bill due to the filling of a pool may be granted so with proper notification and approval from the Water & Wastewater Utility Billing Office. Consumers are to notify the Billing Office at the time they start and finish filling their pools.
   (B)   Fire hydrants may be used if one is accessible and on an 8-inch or larger main. The Utility's hydrant meter must be used to register the quantity of water used. Billing will be based on charges for a 3-inch meter plus rental fees of the hydrant meter and hoses needed to transport the water. This has to be scheduled with the Water Plant. All fees are according to the current approved rates.
   (C)   Water can be purchased from the Water Utility or from any other potable water supply and hauled to the location by a private supplier.
(Ord. 2007-07-23, passed 11-15-07)