General Provisions
   70.01   Adoption of state law regulating traffic
   70.02   Compliance with chapter
Provisions of Chapter
   70.15   Drivers of governmental vehicle not exempt from this chapter
   70.16   Special or emergency regulations
   70.17   Unnecessary use of signaling device
   70.18   Riding on outside of vehicle
   70.19   Boarding or alighting from moving vehicles prohibited
   70.20   Inspection of vehicles; enforcement of chapter
   70.21   Throwing glass or nails on street; removal
   70.22   Obstructions to vision at street intersections; generally
   70.23   Obstruction by trees and shrubs
   70.24   Speed restrictions; animals ridden or driven on streets; human powered vehicles
   70.25   When decrease required
   70.26   Obstructing intersection or crosswalk with vehicle
   70.27   Careless driving
   70.28   Operation of unsafe vehicle
   70.29   “U” turns
   70.30   Signs, signals and markings; traffic lanes
   70.31   Prima facie evidence
Bicycles, Roller Skates and Other Recreational Vehicles
   70.45   Use of coasters or toy vehicles on roadways
   70.46   Roller skating
   70.47   Manner of parking bicycle
   70.48   Riding bicycle on sidewalks
Specific Cars
   70.65   Metallic license plate for taxicab or other public car