71.01   Unauthorized moving of parked vehicles
   71.02   Parking prohibited for certain purposes
   71.03   Parking within lines indicating parking space
   71.04   Trucks or vehicles more than 20 feet long
   71.05   Unattached trailers
   71.06   Minimum width of roadway required to be free for traffic
   71.07   Passenger zones and loading zones
   71.08   Loading and unloading passengers
   71.09   Running engines or other equipment while stopped or standing on street
   71.10   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   71.11   Responsibility for illegal parking
   71.12   Impounding unoccupied and unattended vehicles
   71.13   Issuance of traffic citations
   71.14   Consequences of failure to comply with traffic citations
   71.15   Restrictions on cancellation or solicitation of cancellation of traffic citation or summons
   71.16   Obstructing street side mailboxes and newspaper receptacles; access and egress to properties
   71.17   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places