General Provisions
   52.001   Title
   52.002   Purpose and scope
   52.003   Powers and duties of the Director
   52.004   Hours of collection
   52.005   Definitions
   52.006   Unauthorized use of refuse collection system unlawful
   52.007   Refuse accumulation unlawful
Solid Waste Containment
   52.020   Inspection of containers
   52.021   Responsibility for solid waste and recyclables
   52.022   Illegal dumping of solid waste; penalty
   52.023   Household medical and infectious waste
   52.024   Animal waste
   52.025   Unobstructed passage in streets and alleys
   52.026   Solid waste or recyclables container requirements
   52.027   Condemnation of containers; removal
   52.028   Responsibility for streets, alleys and sidewalks
   52.029   Burning and dumping unlawful
Solid Waste Collection
   52.045   Ownership, placement and responsibility for containers
   52.046   Residential, institutional and commercial collection
   52.047   Residential bulk trash placement and collection services
Administration and Enforcement
   52.065   Authority to enforce
   52.066   Rules and regulations
   52.067   Enforcement and corporation of other departments
   52.068   Issuance of citation or notice of violation
   52.069   Threats and intimidation
Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
   52.085   Disposal site; designation; enforcement
   52.086   Disposal site; rules and regulations
Solid Waste Fees
   52.100   Level of solid waste fees; no exceptions
   52.101   Payment of solid waste fees
   52.102   Credits and debits of solid waste fees
   52.103   Method of collecting fees
   52.999   Penalty