Article I. Name, and Seal; Form of Government; Boundaries; Municipal Affairs
   100.   Name and Seal
   101.   Form of Government
   102.   Boundaries
   103.   Municipal Affairs
Article II. Elections
   200.   Kinds of Elections
   201.   Wards
   202.   General Municipal Elections
   203.   Officers to be Elected at Elections After Adoption of Revised Charter
   204.   Canvass of Returns
   205.   Time of Taking Office; Term
   206.   Special Municipal Elections
   207.   Procedure for Conducting Elections
   208.   Term Limits - Office of the Mayor
   209.   Term Limits - Council Members
Article III. City Council
   300.   Legislative Authority
   301.   Qualifications of Council Members
   302.   Filling Vacancies in Office of Council Member
   303.   Council Meetings
   304.   Quorum
   305.   Actions by Council
   306.   Mayor Pro Tem
   307.   Rules: Censure and Expulsion of Council Members: Subpoenas
   308.   Administration of Oaths and Affirmations
   309.   Minutes of Council Meetings
   310.   Salaries and Expenses of Council Members
   311.   Establishment of Boards, Commissions and Committees
Article IV. Mayor
   400.   Qualifications of Mayor
   401.   Duties of Mayor
   402.   Notification of Special Meetings of the City Council and Notification of and Attendance At Other Meetings
   403.   Vacancy in Office of Mayor
   404.   Other Offices Prohibited
   405.   Salary and Expenses of Mayor
   406.   Administration of Oaths and Affirmations
Article V. Ordinances
   500.   Enacting Clause
   501.   Amendment of Ordinances
   502.   One Subject
   503.   Reconsideration
   504.   Adoption of Ordinances
   505.   Action by Council after Mayor Disapproval
   506.   Publication or Posting
   507.   Effective Date
   508.   Codification or Compilation In Book Form
Article VI. Administration
   600.   City Manager
   601.   Council Members Ineligible
   602.   Duties of the City Manager
   603.   Department Heads Responsible to City Manager
   604.   Emergency Powers
   605.   Interference With City Manager
   606.   City Manager Pro Tem
   607.   Administrative Organization Authorized
   608.   City Attorney
   609.   City Clerk
   610.   Creation and Abolition of Offices and Employments; Salaries
   611.   Contracts with Temporary Help Firms
Article VII. Fiscal Administration
   700.   Property Taxation
   701.   Funds to be Established
   702.   Fiscal Year
   703.   Budget Preparation
   704.   Budget Hearing and Approval
   705.   Budget Transfers
   706.   Assessment
   707.   Tax Collection
   708.   General Revenues
   709.   Purchasing
   710.   Public Works
   711.   Terms of Contracts
   712.   Accounting System
   713.   Authorization and Control of Expenditure
   714.   All Money to Treasury
   715.   Suits Must be Preceded by Demand
   716.   Independent Audit
   720.   Off-Street Vehicular Parking
Article VIII. Officers and Employees
   800.   Personnel Merit System
   801.   Provisional Appointments
   802.   Personnel Ordinance
   803.   Removal or Suspension
   804.   Oath of Office
   805.   Official Bonds
   806.   Officers Holding Other Office
   807.   Prohibited Interest in Contracts, Work or Business of the City
   808.   Prohibited Acts of Officers and Employees
   809.   Absence From City; or Conviction of Felony
   810.   Non-Discrimination
Article IX. Franchises
   900.   Award of Franchise; Abandonment
Article X. Initiative, Referendum and Recall
   1000.   Reservation to People of Right of Initiative, Referendum and Recall
Article XI. Miscellaneous Provisions
   1100.   Books Open to Public Inspection
   1101.   Records and Other Personal Property of City
   1102.   Definitions
   1103.   Headings
   1104.   Validity and Separability
   1105.   Revolving Door Prohibition