At least 45 days prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the City Manager shall submit to the Council a budget of proposed expenditures and estimated revenues, accompanied by an explanatory budget message. For such purpose, the City Manager, on such schedule and under such terms as may be prescribed by the City Manager, shall obtain from the head of each department or other agency of the city their estimates of revenue and expenditure in such detail and with such supporting plans and data as the City Manager may require. The City Manager may revise such estimates in any manner the City Manager deems advisable. The explanatory budget message of the City Manager to the Council shall explain the budget, shall outline the proposed financial policies of the city for the ensuing fiscal year, shall propose priorities for capital expenditures, and shall describe the important features of the budget plan. It shall state the reasons for salient changes from the previous year in cost and revenue items, and shall explain any major changes in financial policy. The budget shall be submitted in such form as to enable the Council to compare the prior and current years' revenue and expenditures to which such proposed revenues and expenditures relate. Estimates of revenue shall include surpluses to be carried over from the current year, plus current revenues from all sources.
(Amended by election November 2, 2010)