The Council shall by ordinance provide the form of organization through which the functions of the city are to be administered. Any combination of duly authorized duties, powers and functions which in the judgment of the Council will provide the most efficient and economical service possible consistent with the public interest and in keeping with accepted principles of municipal administration may be authorized by such ordinance. All departments or other administrative sub-divisions so created shall be administered by the City Manager or by a department head, unless otherwise authorized by this Charter.
   The functions and services which shall be included in the administrative organization herein authorized may include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
   (a)   The planning, and regulation of land use.
   (b)   The regulation of building and housing standards and regulations governing occupancy.
   (c)   Cultural and recreational programs.
   (d)   The protection and improvement of the public health.
   (e)   The protection of persons and property and the preservation of the peace.
   (f)   The prevention and extinguishing of fires.
   (g)   The development, maintenance and operation of parks and recreation areas.
   (h)   The acquisition, construction and maintenance of public works.
   (i)   The acquisition, construction, maintenance and operation of public utilities and enterprises, including but not limited to power and light, fuel and heat, water, harbors, airports, vehicular parking and transportation.
   (j)   All necessary administrative and fiscal services.
   (k)   Any other function or service specifically authorized by Charter or authorized or permitted by State Law.