Unless the provisions or the context otherwise requires, as used in this Charter:
   (a)   “Shall” is mandatory and “may” is permissive.
   (b)   “City” is the City of Eureka and “department”, “board”, “commission”, “committee”, “agency”, “officer” or “employee” is a department, board, commission, committee, agency, officer or employee, as the case may be, of the City of Eureka.
   (c)   “County” is the County of Humboldt.
   (d)   “State” is the State of California.
   (e)   “Council” is the City Council of the City of Eureka
   (f)   “Mayor” is the Mayor of the City of Eureka.
   (g)   “Member”, “Member of the Council” or “Council Member” means any one of the five members of the Council.
   (h)   “He” or “His” whenever the male gender is used it shall refer to persons of either gender.
(Amended by election on November 5, 1991)