Subject to policy prescribed by the Council, the City Manager shall have the power and duty to:
   (a)   Supervise the administrative affairs of the city except as otherwise specifically provided in this Charter.
   (b)   Provide the Council with such information as may be requested or needed for the Council to perform its duties.
   (c)   Make such recommendations to the Council concerning the affairs of the city as the City Manager may deem desirable, including the proposal of ordinances and resolutions the City Manager finds necessary for effective management or in the public interest.
   (d)   Keep the Council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the city.
   (e)   See that the ordinances of the city and the applicable laws of the State are enforced.
   (f)   Appoint, discipline and remove all department heads of the city under the jurisdiction of the City Manager provided that the appointment or dismissal of department heads shall be subject to approval of the Council.
   (g)   Act as purchasing agent for the city and all offices, boards, commissions and committees.
   (h)   Investigate the operations of departments and other agencies of the city, and of all contracts to which the city is a party, and assure proper performance.
   (i)   Investigate complaints concerning utility operations and see that all permits, privileges and franchises granted by the city are faithfully performed.
   (j)   When directed by the City Council, represent the City in its inter-governmental relations, and negotiate contracts for joint governmental actions subject to Council approval.
   (k)   If so authorized by ordinance, perform the duties imposed by law on a City Clerk, Auditor, Assessor, Tax Collector or Treasurer and deputize others to act for the City Manager in such matters to the extent permitted by law.
   (l)   Exercise general supervision over all public property under control of the city.
   (m)   Attend all meetings of the City Council unless excused, and such meetings of the boards, commissions and committees as the City Manager chooses, or which the City Manager is directed to attend by the Council, and participate in discussions at such meetings.
   (n)   Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or required of the City Manager by ordinance or resolution of the Council.
   (o)   Recommend to the City Council such general rules and regulations as the City Manager may deem necessary or expedient in the general conduct of the administrative departments under the jurisdiction of the City Manager.
   (p)   Devote full-time to the duties of the office and to the interests of the city.