Structures that are not attached to the dwelling that are of wood or steel platform framed construction are permitted to have foundations that extend to not less than 18 inches in depth below finished grade, provided all of the following apply:
   (a)   The maximum dimension of the structure does not exceed 24 feet in length or width.
   (b)   The maximum height of the structure does not exceed 15 feet when measured to the highest point of the roof.
   (c)   The structure is located a minimum distance of ten feet from the dwelling it serves.
   (d)   The foundation bears upon soil capable of supporting all imposed loads.
   (e)   The foundation is constructed of solid concrete poured at least 12 inches wide continuously around the perimeter of the structure.
   (f)   The foundation is poured monolithically with a minimum four-inch nominally thick concrete floor slab that is reinforced with steel mesh weighing not less than 40 pounds per 100 square feet or equivalent reinforcement that is turned down continuously into the footing.
   (g)   No sheds, porches or other structures are attached increasing the structure's length or width beyond 24 feet or height beyond 15 feet.
   (h)   A six-inch wide concrete curb is constructed around the perimeter of the structure that is a minimum of eight inches above the adjoining grade.
(Ord. 91-2009.  Passed 4-20-09.)