Miscellaneous Regulations
1749.01   Minimum dwelling unit size. (Repealed)
1749.02   Liquefied petroleum gas installations.
1749.03   Urea formaldehyde foam insulation.
1749.04   Permanently installed central air conditioning units.
1749.05   Portable toilets.
1749.06   Shallow foundations.
1749.07   Grading and drainage.
1749.08   Minimum standards for installation of drives, parking, auto maneuvering, walks, patios and dumpster screening areas.
1749.99   Penalty.
   Insulation standards - see Ohio R.C. 3781.21
   Energy-saving tax credit for insulation - see Ohio R.C. 5747.052
   Certificates of Occupancy - see B. & H. 1703.22 et seq.
   Storage, handling and use of liquefied petroleum gas - see F.P. 1590.06