Paint Removal and Exterior Surface Cleaning
1747.01   Permit required.
1747.02   Permit application; security; review and correction of work.
1747.03   Permit fee.
1747.04   Registration of contractor/applicants.
1747.05   Notice to adjoining property owners and occupants.
1747.06   Restrictions.
1747.07   Obstruction of streets and public places.
1747.08   Permit revocation.
1747.09   Complaints by affected persons or adjacent property owners.
1747.10   Appeal to Planning and Zoning Commission.
1747.11   Interpretation; exemption.
1747.99   Penalty.
   Oils and paints - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3741
   Maintenance of exterior of dwelling structures and secondary or appurtenant structures - see B. & H. 1755.21