TITLE ONE - Business Regulation
         Chap. 703.   Amusement Devices, Vending Machines and Game Rooms.
         Chap. 705.   Sweepstakes Terminal Cafés.
         Chap. 707.   Banks and Other Financial Institutions.
         Chap. 709.   Billiards.
         Chap. 711.   Bowling Alleys.
         Chap. 713.   Check Cashing and Money Exchange Businesses.
         Chap. 715.   Christmas Trees.
         Chap. 716.   Clothing Donation Containers; Recycle Bins. (Repealed)
         Chap. 717.   Coin-Operated Dry Cleaning.
         Chap. 719.   Community Antenna Television Systems.
         Chap. 721.   Consumer Protection.
         Chap. 722.   Day Care Homes and Day Care Centers.
         Chap. 723.   Detergents.
         Chap. 725.   Exhibition Halls.
         Chap. 727.   Fortunetelling.
         Chap. 728.   Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
         Chap. 731.   Gasoline and Oil Filling Stations.
         Chap. 733.   Going-Out-Of-Business Sales.
         Chap. 737.   Junk and Junked Automobile Storage.
         Chap. 739.   Junk and Secondhand Dealers and Scrap Metal Processors.
         Chap. 743.   Landlords.
         Chap. 747.   Massage Parlors.
         Chap. 749.   Motor Buses.
         Chap. 751.   Sexually Oriented Businesses.
         Chap. 753.   Nursing Homes.
         Chap. 757.   Peddlers and Solicitors.
         Chap. 759.   Private Police.
         Chap. 760.   Private Transfer Stations for Nonhazardous Waste.
         Chap. 761.   Public Dances and Dance Halls.
         Chap. 763.   Real Estate Practices.
         Chap. 767.   Security Guards.
         Chap. 769.   Snow Removal Contractors.
         Chap. 771.   Store Operation.
         Chap. 775.   Taxicabs.
         Chap. 777.   Tow Trucks and Tow Truck Operators.
         Chap. 781.   Used Car Lots.
         Chap. 785.   Weapon Sales.
         Chap. 787.   Weights and Measures.
   TITLE THREE - Taxation
         Chap. 791.   Municipal Income Tax Regulations Effective Through December 31, 2015.
         Chap. 792.   Municipal Income Tax Regulations Effective Beginning January 1, 2016.
         Chap. 793.   Transient Occupancy Tax.
         Chap. 795.   Motor Vehicle License Tax (Street Maintenance Program).
         Chap. 797.   Admission Tax.