A.   The city manager shall report to the council any rebate of fees, tax revenues or expenditure of public funds in which the aggregate for the expenditure or rebate is less than seventy five thousand dollars ($75,000.00). The report will be provided to council within thirty (30) days of the recipient's acceptance and shall include, but is not limited to:
      1.   Company name and description.
      2.   Amount of capital investment by the company for construction, remodeling or improvements.
      3.   Number of additional jobs added or created by the company.
      4.   Purpose of the city offering enhancements.
      5.   Preliminary fiscal impact analysis prior to business operation.
   B.   The city manager shall within thirty (30) days of his receipt submit to the city council the reports received from recipients in compliance with subsection 16C-6H of this chapter. (Ord. 06-641 § 1, 10-9-2006)