The recipient, in order to receive, or continue receiving, incentives or enhancements, shall:
   A.   Provide information, including capital investments and employment projections, to enable the city to prepare a fiscal impact analysis.
   B.   Begin construction, remodeling or improvements within twelve (12) months of the date of the offer by the city or twelve (12) months from the effective date of the development agreement, if there is one.
   C.   Complete construction, remodeling or improvement within twenty four (24) months, or the time period specified in the development agreement, of the date of the offer or effective date of any development agreement with the city.
   D.   Upon purchase of the parcel or parcels for the economic development project, the owner/developer agrees to commence construction of the improvements no later than ninety (90) days after issuance by city of a building permit.
   E.   Owner/developer agrees to comply with such zoning, building and planning requirements as are applicable to construction of said improvements, including cooperating with the city in connection with site plan approvals and the obtaining of such other permits as are required in connection with the development of the land and construction and occupancy of the improvements. In addition, owner/developer agrees to provide the city with information necessary for the city to complete its fiscal impact analysis model. Such information shall not include proprietary or certain financial information that, in the reasonable opinion of the owner/developer, could be used to owner/developer's competitive disadvantage by market competitors.
   F.   Owner/developer agrees to be wholly responsible for paying city impact fees, development fees, plan check fees, permit fees, expedited review fees and fees required by the city for studies, reports and other project related analyses.
   G.   Owner/developer shall make every reasonable effort to have improvements satisfactorily completed, to obtain a certificate of occupancy, and to have the economic development project open for business on or before a certain date which shall be identified in the development agreement.
   H.   On each anniversary date of the issuance of the certificate of occupancy through the compliance period, the recipient shall provide to the city manager an informational update, including capital investments and employment projections, which demonstrates the recipient's compliance with its obligations under its agreement with the city. (Ord. 06-641 § 1, 10-9-2006)