Garbage and Refuse Collection
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Resolution 91-42, passed November 18, 1991, approved the revised Preble County Solid Waste Management District Final Draft Solid Waste Management Plan. Copies of this resolution and of such Plan may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
931.01   Definitions.
931.02   Unauthorized collection; compliance required.
931.03   Rules and regulations; authority of Director of Service.
931.04   Containers.
931.05   Contents of containers.
931.06   Location of containers.
931.07   Transporting garbage and trash; permit required.
931.08   Prohibited practices.
931.09   Collection charges.
931.10   Remedies for nonpayment of charges.
931.99   Penalty.
Collection and disposal of garbage - see Ohio R.C. 715.43, 717.01
Employment of scavengers - see Ohio R.C. 3707.39
Disposal and transportation upon public ways - see Ohio R.C. 3767.20 et seq.
Vehicle loads dropping, leaking, sifting - see TRAF.  339.08
Littering and deposit of garbage, rubbish - see GEN. OFF.  521.08