The ordinances and resolutions in Appendices A through I are no longer of general interest, primarily because their provisions were carried out directly after their enactment. Since they are mainly of historical or administrative interest, it has not been considered necessary to include their entire text. Instead, they are arranged in groups, according to subject matter, and within each group listed by title in chronological order. The content of the ordinances and resolutions is indexed, in all necessary detail, in the general index at the end of this volume. The annual budget and tax ordinances have been listed only in the "Key to the Disposition of Ordinances." Any person who desires to read the full text of any of the ordinances or resolutions may do so by consulting the original Ordinance Books on file in the Township Offices.
   The ordinances and resolutions in Appendix J contain traffic control and parking provisions that are incorporated by reference into the pertinent Sections of Chapter 15 of this Code.
   The enactments included in this Appendix are grouped under the following headings:
            A      Bond Issues and Loans
            B      Franchises and Services
            C      Governmental and Intergovernmental Affairs
            D      Plan Approval - [Reserved]
            E      Public Property - [Reserved]
            F      Sewers
            G      Streets and Sidewalks
            H      Water - [Reserved]
            I      Zoning; Table of Reclassification
            J      Motor Vehicle and Traffic Provisions
               J1   Maximum Speed Limits Established on Certain Streets
               J2   No Passing Zones Established
               J3   Stop Intersections Established
               J4   Yield Intersections Established
               J5   Vehicle Weight Limits Established on Certain Streets and Bridges
               J6   Parking Prohibited at All Times in Certain Locations
               J7   Parking Prohibited in Certain Locations, Certain Days and Hours
               J8   Snow Emergency Routes
               J9   Keep Right Intersections Established