§ 2-264.  Personal honesty and integrity.
   Each officer and employee has a responsibility to the organization and his colleagues to demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, honesty, and fortitude in all public activities.  It is in this way that we can inspire public confidence and trust in city government.  With this in mind we must avoid any action, whether or not specifically prohibited, which might result in or create the appearance of:
      (1)   using city position for private gain;
      (2)   offering preferential treatment to any person;
      (3)   impeding city efficiency or economy;
      (4)   losing complete independence or impartiality;
      (5)   making a city decision outside of official channels;
      (6)   affecting adversely the confidence of the public in the integrity of the city;
      (7)   comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, orders, and regulations, and resolutions in carrying out of our responsibilities;
      (8)   eliminate any and all circumstances which could result in personal gain from the performance of official duties; and
      (9)   avoid all interests or activities which are in conflict with the conduct of official duties.
(Ord. No. 1504, § 5, passed 4-25-95)