§ 2-263.  Values.
   (A)   The values of any organization are reflected in the quality of the decisions made.  In a public service organization where a public office is a public trust, the issue of ethics has particular importance.
   (B)   For the city to be an ethical organization, all official actions must be based on a set of values. The city has developed a set of values to establish an identity as a professional organization that is committed to doing the right thing for the citizens of the city.  The community vision statement and the city mission statements all represent examples of the value system of this city that drives our decision-making.
   (C)   There is no higher honor and privilege than government service.  That is why this city is dedicated to ethics in government.  The guiding principle of the ethics guidelines is simply to know right from wrong; to act in accordance with what is right; and to avoid even the appearance of what is wrong.  Our duty as public servants is to always serve in the public's best interest and share the conviction that we must do so only for the right reasons.
   (D)   It is the collective, individual actions of every member of this organization that will dictate whether the city is considered ethical.  This evaluation will be based on the extent that our actions improve the community (the "public interest"), rather than serve personal interest and gain.  Each of us is the organization called Danville City government in the actions and decisions we make every day.  There must be full confidence and trust in our ability to do the right things for the citizens of the city.
   (E)   We must strive for professional excellence and exhibit at all times a professional attitude based upon sound judgement free of personal biases.
   (F)   The most important responsibility of any city officer or employee is to believe in, and then act upon, the shared values of the organization.
   (G)   Sections 2.264 - 2.267 further define the organization's values and establishes the expectations of the city's ethics policy.
(Ord. No. 1504, § 5, passed 4-25-95)