§ 2-190.  Duties.
   The commission shall perform the following duties:
   (1)   The commission shall cause the people of the city and the people of similar jurisdictions of foreign nations to acquire a consciousness of each other, to understand one another as individuals, as members of their community, as citizens of their country, and as part of the family of nations.
   (2)   The commission shall foster as a consequence of such knowledge and consciousness, a continuing relationship of mutual concern between the people of the city and the people of similar jurisdiction of other nations.
   (3)   The commission shall undertake both in seeking and in consequence of such consciousness and concern any activities and programs as will provide to one another appropriate aid and comfort, education and mutual understanding.
   (4)   The commission may solicit and receive contributions and obtain grants appropriate to the goals of the commission.
   (5)   The commission may enter into agreements, expend its funds, and adopt bylaws, rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out its duties and purposes as set forth in this article.
   (6)   The commission shall submit an annual report and monthly financial statements.
   (7)   The commission may establish committees, headed by commission members, which shall include interested members of the public, for the purposes of carrying out the duties as set forth herein.
   (8)   The commission may perform any other act necessary or appropriate to carry out the purpose of this section.
(Ord. No. 1449, § 5, 8-13-91)