§ 2-62.  Duties and responsibilities.
   In addition to the duties and responsibilities as set forth in KRS 83A.085, the city clerk shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
   (1)   Prepare agenda for and attend all regular and special Commission meetings; prepare complete and accurate minutes of Commission proceedings; record and maintain approved minutes.
   (2)   Advertise special Commission meetings.
   (3)   Serve as Executive Assistant for the Mayor and Commissioners.
   (4)   Assist the City Manager as requested.
   (5)   File and maintain all permanent records of the city not specifically assigned to another office or department.
   (6)   Publish ordinances after adoption by the City Commission; insure that ordinances meet indexing/codification requirements.
   (7)   Serve as custodian of the Seal of the City.
   (8)   Type minutes, ordinances, resolutions, reports, correspondence, licenses, permits, etc.
   (9)   Assist with research activities and preparation of reports.
   (10)   Accept telephone calls and receive visitors, listen to problems, complaints or information requests, and handle personally or direct to department or individual for action.
   (11)   May serve as backup for switchboard operator.
(Ord. No. 1592, 3-12-01)