§ 2-1.  Official seal of the city.
   The official seal of the city shall be a circular seal in which the "City of Danville, Kentucky" appears around the outer band and "1787" at the bottom of the outer band to recognize the date of December 4, 1787 when the Virginia Legislature established Danville as a City in Virginia.  Inside the outer band and in the center of the seal shall appear a star to represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky which became a state in 1792.  Surrounding the star in a clockwise direction shall be a caduceus to commemorate the world's first successful ovariotomy performed in this city on December 25, 1809, by Dr. Ephriam McDowell upon Mrs. Jane Todd Crawford.  Next there shall be a lamp of knowledge or learning to commemorate the founding of Transylvania College, the first college west of the Alleghenies, here in 1780.  Then, at the bottom of the seal, and just above the date of Danville's founding, shall appear a log cabin representing the first post office west of the famous "dividing mountains" established here in 1792.  Continuing clockwise, there shall appear a scroll to recognize the signing of Kentucky's first Constitution in Danville in Constitution Square in 1792.  Finally, a scale of justice shall represent the erection of the first courthouse, both log and brick, in the West in Danville, and establishment of the first law school in the West.
(Code 1977, § 5.020)