§ 10.5-6.  Pawnbroker to give ticket and receipt for articles; sale after sixty (60) days; notice before sale.
   (a)   Every pawnbroker shall give a plain written or printed ticket for the loan to the person negotiating or selling, and a plain written or printed receipt of the articles that have been purchased, or upon which money is loaned, having on each a copy of the entries required by KRS 226.040 to be kept in his register. He shall not make any charge for the ticket or receipt.
   (b)   A pawnbroker may sell any article pawned after the expiration of sixty (60) days from the maturity of the loan, provided that, not less than ten (10) days before making the sale, the pawnbroker shall have given notice to the person by whom the article was pawned, by mail addressed to the post office address of such person as shown on the pawnbroker's register, notifying such person that, unless he redeems the article within ten (10) days from the date of mailing said notice, the article will be sold.
(Ord. No. 1889, § 6, 1-23-17)