§ 10.5-4.  Pawnbroker to keep register of loans-and purchases; state officers may inspect.
   (a)   Every pawnbroker shall keep a register of all loans and purchases of all articles effected or made by him.
   (b)   The register shall show the dates of all loans or purchases, and the names of all persons who have left any property on deposit as collateral security, or as a delivery or sale.
   (c)   Opposite the names and dates shall be written in plain hand a full description of all property purchased or received on deposit as collateral security, the time when the loan falls due, the amount of purchase money, the amount loaned and the interest charged. Said description shall contain any identifying numbers, names or symbols found on the item, including but not limited to: serial numbers, model numbers, owner applied numbers or engravings.
   (d)   Each entry must contain a legible copy of a state issued photo identification of the individual who presented the item. If the individual cannot present a state issued identification, the license holder shall take a photograph of the individual with the item they present and shall have the individual place their thumbprint in an identifiable manner upon the register.
   (e)   The register shall at all times be open to the inspection of any officer of this state when in the discharge of his official duty.
(Ord. No. 1889, § 4, 1-23-17)