§ 18-85.  Delinquency.
   (a)   The board of commissioners has previously determined and ordained when water, sewer and garbage collection bills shall be considered as overdue, and such determination shall apply to the schedule of rates and charges.  For each month, or fraction of a month, that any bill for water and sewer services remains overdue and unpaid, there shall be added to the face amount of such bill a penalty in the sum equal to ten (10) percent of the full face amount of the bill.  A payment of less than the full amount due may (but need not) be accepted by the collecting officers or officers designated by the city; but the same shall be merely on account and shall not prevent a further accruing of the monthly penalty in a sum equal to ten (10) percent of the full face amount of the bill, or otherwise stop the city from pursuing any and all other remedies afforded by law until the face amount of the bill and the accrued penalty shall have been paid in full.
   (b)   The city takes specific notice of the provisions of KRS 96.932 and other applicable law, including case law and opinions of the Kentucky Attorney General, granting to cities the authority and right to enforce collection of lawful rates and charges for the use of municipal sanitary sewer and garbage collection service, by requiring that water service be discontinued until payment for such sewer or garbage collection service is made.  The city hereby covenants with all bondholders of the city to use and employ the enforcement provisions of the statute and other applicable law to the fullest extent allowable under law.
(Code 1977, § 11.210(6); Ord. No. 1682, § 2, 6-27-05)