§ 18-84.  Billing and collection procedures.
   (a)   The billing and collection procedures for water, sewer and garbage collection accounts shall be established by written policy, as approved from time to time by the board of commissioners.  The written procedures shall include billing periods, servicecharges, collection dates, termination of service dates, restoration of service requirements, and all other pertinent information.
   (b)   Copies of the written policy and procedures shall be maintained at the water office of the city, and shall be available for inspection by any customer during normal office hours.
(Code 1977, §§ 11.210(5), 11.220; Ord. No. 1237, § 5, 4-11-78; Ord. No. 1304, § 1, 12-8-81; Ord. No. 1682, § 2, 6-27-05)