§ 18-36.  Undeveloped areas.
   (a)   Local water distribution mains or local collector sewers in undeveloped areas shall be undertaken and paid for by one of the following methods:
      (1)   Deferredannexation. The subdivider, or developer, must make his own arrangements to construct, and pay for required facilities subject to all terms and conditions set out in this division, including subsection (2)a. of this section and dedication of facilities to city without cost and in first class condition upon such completion;
      (2)   Immediateannexationor presentlyinsideof citylimits. Installations and payment shall be by one (1) of the following methods:
         a.   Full cost of the installation of water mains and sanitary sewers to be borne by the subdivider or developer under whatever terms may be included in a contract between the city and the subdivider or developer. Installations by this procedure may be planned or constructed by either party to the contact.  If the subdivider or developer undertakes the construction with his own forces or contracts for such construction, he shall be wholly and entirely responsible to see that the work conforms to the city's current Standard SpecificationsforWaterandSewerConstruction. In order to ensure compliance with city specifications, it shall be his responsibility to pay the cost of providing an adequate number of competent, approved resident inspectors during construction. Completed facilities must meet the required performance tests.
         b.   Installation by the city on an assessment basis under applicable chapter of KRS.
   (b)   Trunk sewer mains in undeveloped areas shall be undertaken and paid for by one of the following methods:
      (1)   Construction of sewer trunk mains, major pumping stations or other sewer facilities which service large areas of the city will be built by the city.  The cost of these sewer facilities shall be shared by the city, the developer, and/or property owners who have need of the sewer system.  It is intended that the city's share of the cost will be recovered by charge of tap fees on all services connected to this pipe within twenty (20) years of the completion of the project.  A financial analysis should be made to determine if the city can reasonably expect a return on its investment as revenue expected from tap fees.  The share required of the developer shall be equal to an amount equal to one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) per acre, not to exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total project.  The tap fees shall be calculated based on number of acres expected to develop within twenty (20) years.  Each tap will be charged a fee equal to the amount calculated per acre times the acreage in the lot.  A written agreement containing these details is required between city and the developer.
(Code 1977, § 11.080; Ord. No. 1289, § 1, 5-12-81; Ord. No. 1317, § 1(5), 6-28-83; Am. Ord. No. 1601, 8-13-01)