§ 18-20.  Enforcement response plan.
   (a)   For the purpose of establishing procedures indicating how the city wastewater system will investigate and respond to instances of industrial user noncompliance, a plan of action called the enforcement response plan is hereby adopted, approved and incorporated in this section by reference.  These regulations and procedures are to be followed by any industrial user and city staff members in the resolution of any noncompliance of regulations listed in Division 3 of this article.
   (b)   This manual shall be revised from time to time to ensure compliance with 40 CFR 403.8(f)(5), and any other state or federal regulations.  Copies of this plan will be available for inspection by any person in the office of the city manager and the wastewater treatment plant.
   (c)   If any section or portion of this plan, as shall from time to time be amended, conflict with other existing ordinances heretofore enacted, the amended provisions shall control and shall take priority over any ordinance previously enacted.
   (d)   The enforcement actions and remedies provided for in this chapter are not exclusive.  The superintendent may take any, all, or combination of these actions and those actions listed in the city's enforcement response plan against a noncompliant user.  The superintendent may take other action against any user when the circumstances warrant.  Further the superintendent is empowered to take more than one (1) enforcement action against any noncompliant user.
(Ord. No. 1450, § 1, 8-27-91; Ord. No. 1803, § 6, 2-27-12)