§ 18-19.  Watermetersrequired.
   (a)   All water bought, sold or consumed from the waterworks shall be bought, sold, or consumed through a meter. There shall be one (1) meter for each consumer, and no meter shall serve more than one (1) consumer. Before water shall be sold to or provided to a new consumer, such new consumer shall sign a receipt and agreement; and all new consumers shall pay the service fee as is prescribed in section 18-81.
   (b)   All water sold in bulk from a fire hydrant shall be under the direct supervision of the fire department. The water may be sold through any fire hydrant within the city limits. The purchaser shall pay the then current commercial rate, plus the reasonable expenses incurred by the city, including labor and equipment, as determined from time to time by the board of commissioners. Further, if the water sold, or any portion thereof, is placed or delivered into a receptacle which could allow the water to be emptied or returned to the city sewer system, then the standard sewer surcharge shall be added to the cost of the water.
   (c)   Water shall not be consumed in any other manner nor shall it be taken from the mains of the city in any other manner.
(Code 1977, § 11.200(2); Ord. No. 1292, § 1(2), 6-23-81)