§ 18-17.  Standardconstructionspecificationsadopted.
   (a)   For the purpose of providing information and guidance to land developers, design engineers, and contractors in the construction of water and sewer facilities that are to become a part of the city waterworks and sewer system, a set of StandardConstructionSpecifications is hereby adopted, approved and incorporated in this section by reference. These regulations and procedures are to be followed by any person in the development of a residential subdivision or shopping center, or in any development in which the developer is requested to construct facilities that will become assets to the city waterworks and sewer systems.
   (b)   This manual shall be revised from time to time to ensure that the requirements of this manual keep abreast with current state and federal laws and regulations, approved construction materials and recognized construction methods. Copies of the manual shall be kept on file at the office of the city manager and shall be available for inspection by any person.
   (c)   If any section or portion of the manual as shall from time to time be amended, conflict with other existing ordinances heretofore enacted, the manual shall control and shall take priority over any ordinance previously enacted.
(Ord. No. 1314, § 1, 12-14-82)