§ 17-152.  Regulations.
   (a)   Every person shall, before operating a moped upon a city street located with the geographical boundaries of the City of Danville, be of legally minimum age or older, and must secure and possess a valid operator's license or instruction permit as provided in Chapter 186 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.
   (b)   Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years shall not authorize nor permit such minor to violate any provision of this article under circumstances where the parent or guardian knew or should have known of such violation.
   (c)   No operator of any moped shall carry another person except where said vehicle has been originally designed to carry one passenger.
   (d)   No operator of any moped on a City of Danville street shall drive the vehicle abreast of any operator of any other vehicle while in the same lane as that vehicle.
   (e)   No operator of any moped shall drive the vehicle upon or within any public park or public school real property within the geographical boundaries of the City of Danville unless a designated path or roadway exists therein as determined and posted by the appropriate authority or public body entitled under law to exercise control in such area, or unless general vehicular operation is otherwise permitted.
   (f)   No operator of any moped shall drive the vehicle upon any sidewalk within the geographical boundaries of the City of Danville.
   (g)   All operators of mopeds on city streets shall use the appropriate hand signals when stopping and turning.
   (h)   No moped shall be operated on the City of Danville streets unless it is equipped with:
      (1)   At least one and not more than two (2) headlamps which shall comply with those requirements and limitations of KRS 189.040.
      (2)   One red light, visible from rear of moped, which when lighted, or a red reflector, which upon illumination, is visible for at least five hundred (500) feet.
      (3)   At least one white reflector on each side of both the front and rear wheel and which, upon illumination, are visible by approaching vehicles from a distance of at least one hundred (100) feet.
      (4)   A horn or other device capable of making an abrupt sound sufficiently loud to be heard under all ordinary traffic conditions.
      (5)   An exhaust system, where applicable, incorporating a muffler or other mechanical device for the purpose of reducing engine noise.  The system shall be securely attached and located so as not to interfere with the operation of the moped.  Shielding shall be provided to prevent inadvertent bodily contact with the exhaust system during normal operation.  No modification of said system shall be made which would effectively defeat the purposes of this provision.
      (6)   A flag attached to a pole of not less than four (4) feet in length.
   (i)   No person shall operate a moped on a city street unless that person uses an approved eye-protective device of the type and in the manner prescribed for the operators of motorcycles in KRS 189.285(1), at all times such vehicle is in motion.
   (j)   The operator of a moped upon any city street shall operate said vehicle in a careful manner, with regard for the safety and convenience of pedestrians and other vehicles upon the street.
   (k)   No person shall authorize or knowingly permit a moped owned or controlled by him to be driven by any person who has no legal right to drive it.
   (l)   No person whose operator's license or instructor's permit has been denied, canceled, suspended or revoked, or whose privilege to operate a moped has been withdrawn, shall drive said vehicle upon the city streets while the license or permit is denied, canceled, suspended or revoked or his privilege to operate any vehicle is withdrawn.
   (m)   All retail moped dealers shall be required to advise any purchaser of a moped that pursuant to KRS 186.010(4, 5), 186.410(1,2) and 186.412(1), operators of mopeds are required to possess a valid motor vehicle operator's license.  Such dealers shall further be required to secure from the purchaser an acknowledgment that he has received such information by requiring the purchaser to affix his signature to a standard form provided by the City of Danville police department.  Complete acknowledgment forms shall be kept on file by the dealer for a period of one year following each sale.
(Ord. No. 1357, § 1, 1-14-86)