§ 17-38.  Parking by permit only.
   (a)   The Board of Commissioners may establish by resolution areas where parking is allowed only by those possessing and displaying a valid permit issued by the City.  This includes, but is not limited to public "offstreet" parking areas, handicapped parking areas, and other areas or public right of way where regulated parking is deemed necessary.  This includes parking in a handicapped area when the vehicle is not being used for the benefit of a handicapped person.  This includes parking in a space reserved by permit for another.
   (b)   The Board of Commissioners shall establish by resolution regulations for the issuance of parking permits.
(Ord. No. 1526, § 1, 4-22-97; Ord. No. 1918, §2, 7-9-18)
   Editor's note--Ord. No. 1401, § 8, adopted August 23, 1988, repealed § 17-38 in its entirety.  Former § 17-38 was concerned with penalties, and derived from the Code of 1977, § 55.990.